Transponder LARS


Denith Engineering has Designed, Manufactured and Commissioned this 2000m Transponder Launch and Recovery System.


The winch drum is manufactured from steel plate and finished machined with a Lebus style groove.

The Winch is fitted with spooling gear, driven from the drum shaft. The drive is a two stage epicyclic gearbox, shrink disc mounted to the drum shaft, fitted with a failsafe disc brake and powered by a radial piston hydraulic motor.

The unit is fully guarded with a stainless steel guard.


The A- Frame is manufactured from schedule piping and complete with pivot plates on the bottom of the legs and sheave mounting plates on the top cross pipe. It  is actuated using 2 hydraulic cylinders with the rod end mounted on the A-Frame clevis plates and the barrel end on the base frame pivot plates.

The A frame, in its stowed position is supported by cradles. 

All pins are manufactured from 316SS.

Overboarding Sheave

The overboarding sheave is manufactured from steel plate and runs on spherical roller bearings on a stainless steel shaft. The sheave is machined with holes such that the two offset proximity switches can pick up rotation or direction.

Base Frame

The Base Frame is manufactured from structural steel members and is arranged to accept the A-Frame pivots, the cylinder pivots, the winch base, the hydraulic power unit and the A-Frame cradles. The Frame is fitted with open grid flooring.

Four point lifting lugs are fitted compliant with DNV2 and the unit is supplied complete with lifting slings.

Hydraulic Power unit

Ø One 15 kW electric motor with thermistors, 400V, 50Hz, 4-pole and foot and flange mounted
Ø One variable displacement hydraulic pump with horsepower control and load-sensing functions
Ø One heavy duty 250 litre hydraulic tank complete with low oil level switches, high oil temperature switch, drain valve and desiccant breather
Ø One high pressure in-line filter with visual clogging indicator
Ø One tank mounted return filter with visual clogging indicator
Ø One 2-bank control valve with medium proportional solenoids and hand lever operation
Ø Two electrical joysticks with spring return
Ø One IP65 electrical control panel with star/delta starter, emergency stop, stop start buttons, low oil level and high oil temperature alarms

Features of HPU

Ø The electric motor is coupled to the pump with aluminium bell housing and is mounted horizontally on top of the tank to be very compact
Ø The horsepower and load sensing functions on the pump ensures that the input power is used optimally and that the flow matches the system demand

Remote Control

Ø The remote control comprises the HPU start and stop buttons, proportional winch control, luff in and luff out buttons and line out indication


The proprietary items are finished in a 3 coat marine quality corrosion protection system. The ‘A’ Frame and base are galvanised. The tank and guard are untreated 316 stainless steel

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