Pulling Winch Systems

*Pulling System

Denith Engineering designed, manufactured and commissioned these 150 meter, 36 tonne Pull-in Winch System for the Jangkrik Complex Project.

Denith Engineering engaged Lloyds Register to appraise the structural components, survey the manufacturer, and attend the assembly and factory testing.


Each winch drum is manufactured from steel plate and machine finished with a LeBus type groove. The drum shaft is machined to accept the ring gear.

The winch pedestals are manufactured out of 355MPa steel and machined to accept the hydraulic motors.

The drive comprise of three hydraulic motors fitted with failsafe disc brakes rated for the required 1.8 brake factor.


The lattices are manufactured out of hot rolled sections of 355MPa steel.

Six (6) lattices per side are custom designed to match the balcony structure and are bolted to each other to cover the extent of the balcony.

The load from the sheave is transferred to the lattices and then to the balcony beam via saddles bolted in specific positions

Running Sheave

Each sheave and sheave frame is manufactured out of 355MPa steel plate. Two bearings are fitted into the sheave and run on the Load Cell Shaft.

Proximity switches, and flags are fitted onto the sheave assembly to provide for line out length, speed and direction.

Hydraulic Power Unit

Each HPU is mounted on the winch base and is covered with a stainless steel canopy and comprises the following;

  • Two 22 kW electric motors
  • Two variable displacement hydraulic pumps
  • One heavy duty 400 litre hydraulic tank complete with low oil level switches, high oil temperature switch, drain valve and desiccant breather
  • High pressure in-line filter with visual clogging indicator
  • Tank mounted return filter with visual clogging indicator
  • Danfoss control valve and hand lever operation


The controls comprise one IP65 electrical control panel with star/delta starter, emergency stop, stop start buttons, low oil level and high oil temperature alarms.

The control panel is mounted on the side of the winch, next to the MCC for the HPU motors. The MCC makes allowance for power supply from vessel and standby generator.

An HMI unit will display the rope load measured by the sheave Load cell Shaft together with the rope speed and rope out.

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