*Offshore Fairleaders

The client requested that Denith Engineering (Pty) Ltd design, manufacture and supply a high capacity Fairlead for installation on the mining vessels mv Atlantic and mv Pacific. The fairlead slewing bearing and structures were designed for a minimum wire rope breaking load (MBL) of 3680 kN and a design working load of 1250 kN

Each Fairleader comprises the following main components:

Sheave Assembly

The sheave is cast from BS 3100-AW2 steel with the rope path machined and hardened. The sheave runs on spherical roller bearings with lubrication supplied through the shaft.

Rotating Housing

The rotating housing is manufactured from EN10025 Grade S355JR Steel plate and is machined to accept the sheave shaft locating plates and the slewring bearing. The housing is counter balanced to give a small positive righting moment to the assembly.

Fixed Housing

The fixed housing is manufactured from EN10025 Grade S355JR Steel plate and machined to accept the slew ring.

Mounting Feet

The Mounting Feet are manufactured from EN10025 Grade S355JR steel plate and prepared for welding to the existing ships structure.

Slew Ring

The Slew Ring is a double row Cross Roller Slew Ring fitted with grease nipples to the outer ring.


All steel work is finished with a marine quality 3 coat corrosion protection system.

Lifting Lugs are installed for ease of assembly, transportation and installation.

A custom test bed was designed and manufactured to conduct the required load tests for classification society approval.

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